Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: ConstantlyAlice

 Meet Danielle of ConstantlyAlice!

I asked Danielle to tell me something "quirky" about herself and to share one or two of her favorite items from her shop

"Something quirky..hmmm..there's so much quirk ;) I have a 3rd degree brown belt in karate, almost never wear pants, LOVE The Golden Girls (no lie..).  I'm an insomniac and I usually do my best work at 3am.  I will not read a magazine if anyone else has touched it and wrinkled the pages (yes..I know it's OCD).  I collect and wear vintage hats and recently took up millinery. My two best pals have been in my life for 30+ years. My hubby and I eloped and moved to the UK for three years where we lived on a sheep farm. I take piano lessons, love the "domestic arts" (sewing, knitting, crochet, baking) and often wish I had the time to dedicate to more genteel pursuits (learning languages, archery, going on a tour of Europe) like the gals in Jane Austen novels.
Elizabeth Ford Hat, also pictured on Danielle above
"I love this hat. I very nearly didn't put it in the shop (which is a BIG problem for me..I always end up falling in love with my finds and I have such a hard time parting with them!) However, I own a similar one, so I decided to let this one go. It's made out of little ribbons all woven together to make the outside of the had AND it has a red velvet bow (I'm a sucker for velvet). The best feature is that it's a tilt hat, so it fits any head size! 

The Gladys Personality Barette
"This barette was just so fun. I adore the packaging, love that it's called a "Personality Barette" and the name Gladys is just perfect!"

Danielle is also sweet enough to offer a discount code for readers!!! Use FPV20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase from the ConstantlyAlice Etsy shop!

Some of my favorite things from Danielle's shop include: (pics are linked!)

Danielle didn't mention her blog, but I will! It's such a delight and I read every post. She's working on some amazing things - like the ConstantlyAlice Manifesto, Pin Up Plan, the 1912 Project, and the Signature Style Project! Danielle is definitely girl crush material ;-)

Connect with ConstantlyAlice:
So give sweet Danielle a shout, and tell her you were caught frenching!


  1. Beautifully done, my friend :) Thanks for interviewing me <3

  2. Danielle is adorable! Great interview too! I love hearing all the quirky things about people.

  3. Loved it! Great interview (you know I love vintage hats)! So I'll be checking out Miss Danielle's links ASAP!!!