Wednesday, October 19, 2011

INTERVIEW: ConstantlyAlice

I had so much fun interviewing Lady Jane Vintage that I'm hoping to make this a regular thing, with a nifty name called the Meet the Shop Owner series. Today I'd like to present an absolutely lovely shop and shop owner, Danielle of ConstantlyAlice.

FPV: Hi Danielle! Thanks for being a part of the new Meet the Shop Owner series. First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Pretty Danielle of ConstantlyAlice
CA: Thanks for interviewing me, this is such a neat idea! Well, if they were ever to make a movie about my life, my family would definitely steal the show. My creativity and love of vintage is based in my childhood. I was raised in family of dancers, musicians, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. During my formative years, my dad was a professional musician and my mom was a dancer who also taught at my grandmother Alice's dance academy. Creativity and self expression were encouraged and, along with dance lessons, I dabbled in piano, flute, karate, art, and acting. Coming from such a loving and supportive family, it was easy to try new things because there was always the knowledge that I had my own fan club rooting me on and thinking I was spectacular no matter the outcome. My grandmother Constance (who, along with my grandmother Alice make up the name of my shop) was a big influence on my love of fashion. She could design and sew just about anything and she was always beautifully dressed. 
Grandmothers Constance and Alice

It sort of seemed natural that I would eventually find myself drawn to vintage clothing and creating vintage-inspired items as a means of expressing myself and developing my own identity. ConstantlyAlice grew out of my love for my grandmothers, my family..and the overflowing closets that resulted from my inability to pass up a beautiful vintage items! 

FPV: Your blog is a really complements your shop! Can you tell me about it? 
CA: I'm a chatterbox. (In fact, one of my many childhood nicknames was "Chatty Cathy.") I love to learn and create new things and then I become SO excited about them that I have to share! Whenever I was out on adventures finding new vintage for the shop, coming up with new style ideas, or creating something I would keep thinking about how much fun it would be if I could let my friends and customers in on the fun, so the blog seemed like a natural development of my love for vintage (and talking).
Dancer mom and dancer Danielle

FPV: Your shop opened last year. Happy Anniversary! How do you think that your shop has changed?
CA:  Thanks!  My shop did open last year..and then I procrastinated for several months before I did anything about it. I work another full time job and cherish my time with my wonderful husband (aka The Man) and my two funny, amazing daughters. I kept talking myself out of doing anything with my shop because I "didn't have the time." Then one day it struck me that if I really wanted to do this, if I truly loved the idea of one day making a living by doing what I felt passionate about, I had to make the time. So I became more consistent with my blog, organized a system of photographing, listing, and packaging items and then I was off and running!  I still have days (ok, maybe weeks) when I'm a little worn out from all my other responsibilities and don't want to write or post new items, but then I tell myself that I only have to do one blog post, list one item and that's all it takes to remind me how much I love this.
My fantasy is to one day open a brick and mortar shop that I can decorate with all my beautiful finds and offer classes in sewing, knitting, and crocheting from vintage patterns. Until then, I'm happy being able to share those things through my Etsy shop and my blog!

FPV: Do you prefer any particular era? Do you focus on a particular era when stocking your shop?
CA:  I love every decade between the 1800s - 1960s. Each decade has such a distinctive look that it's hard for me to pick just one, but I find the most flattering for me are the 1940's through the early 60's.  I do stock a little of everything right up to the 80's because I like to be accessible to all vintage lovers, but I won't buy anything that I don't feel good about. I think part of my job as a shop owner is to curate vintage and offer pieces that are beautiful, unique, well-made, and loved.


FPV: Any last words?
A gorgeous CA dress
CA: Be yourself ;) Don't let anyone convince you that the 1920s cloche you love doesn't suit you, or the 50s dress you adore is too fancy for everyday wear. There is value in wearing something that makes you feel like you. A conservative suit is enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. There have been times that I have had to conform to a certain style or dress code and it ends up hurting me more than it helps. When you are true to yourself and feel good about how you look, it allows your personality to shine through, and that's beautiful.
Check out ConstantlyAlice here (and tell her that you were caught frenching!):


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