Thursday, October 10, 2013

shop update: victorian postcards

New to the shop - lots of postcards!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

exploring a ghost town

Since moving to Montana, my partner and I have tried to explore a little bit of these wide open spaces every weekend. This Sunday we ventured to Garnet Ghost Town, a well-preserved and abandoned mining town tucked away in the mountains.

Here is what I saw, captured on my iPhone.
This door is on the second floor of the former hotel. Luggage trunks would be hoisted upstairs using this pole and rope.
The view from the road home.

You can check out more images of Garnet Ghost Town here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a city mouse in montana

A city girl moves to Montana...

Recently we went to the National Bison Range, a national park established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908 to protect and grow the at-one-time dangerously dwindling bison population. The day we went was overcast and lightly cool and the bison were everywhere!

After I cooed the baby bison and snapped a million pics, we ventured to a natural healing hot spring on Native land.

Here are some pics from the venture....these are all done just on my iPhone, without a filter.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a late summer drive across america

It took four days - driving from North Carolina through ten or eleven states until we finally reached our new home in Missoula, Montana.

I'd never been out this way, even during the years I lived on the West Coast. I'd never laid eyes on this gorgeous sometimes-flat-sometimes-hilly landscape of brush and tall grasses, patches of horses and cattle, twisted valleys dry in the summer heat. Never have I taken a step back like this, where everything is a bit slower and easier, where the days are long and warm but not hot. So often I found myself thinking, wow, this really is a gift from the universe. How lucky one is to see this beauty!

It's easy for us Americans to forget about the hugeness of our homeland. America is really vast - the humid South, the sharp and worldly East Coast, the extensive Mid-West, the dreamy West Coast, the green Northwest and spicy Southwest, the huge open West - all like separate countries with its own foods, culture, (version of) language, peoples. It's amazing, really, just being able to get a glimpse.

Here are a few images from when we were passing through.

and in closing - our dogs

Friday, July 26, 2013

relocation sale !

This is some big news here.

In mere weeks we are moving to Missoula, Montana!

We'll be driving - a three day cross-country trip starting in North Carolina going allllllll the way 2000+ miles to Montana. That being said, I'm having a huge clearance sale in the shop.

I mean, HUGE.

50% off everything!

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